5 Reasons to Use a Courier Service

Courier Service in Kalamazoo

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, you have plenty of options for shipping. While your package will eventually get delivered regardless of how you ship, the results aren't always the same. Some services take longer, while others frequently damage packages and cause problems. Looking for a way to circumvent the negatives of shipping and capitalize on efficiency? Using a courier service in Kalamazoo may be the answer.

Why Choose a Courier Service?

Here are a few of the top reasons businesses choose to ship with courier services:

  • Same Day Shipping. In an ideal world you would have plenty of time to deliver all your orders; however, unique circumstances arise, processes get delayed, and emergencies happen. With standard shipping services, it's difficult and expensive to work through these issues. With a courier service, last minute, same day shipping is a realistic possibility.
  • Savings. In most situations, courier services charge based on the distance traveled as opposed to weight of the package. This can save you money when shipping heavy packages to nearby destinations.
  • Dependability. While major shipping services have a large number of resources, they usually lack customer service and dependability. That is not the case with smaller courier services with whom companies develop personal business relationships. This increased level of trust provides peace of mind and a sense of reliability.
  • Specialization. Most courier services offer unique areas of specialization. These often include same-day delivery, medical delivery, parts delivery, and legal courier delivery. Standard shipping providers usually don't offer these services.
  • Important Documents. Important documents like contracts often need to be delivered quickly and under a watchful eye. Standard shipping providers are known for being slow and careless from time to time. A courier service can deliver contracts in a matter of hours, which accelerates business processes on your end.

At Alpha Delivery Services, we pick up and deliver same-day shipments for our clients. With a Kalamazoo service area of approximately 150 to 200 miles, no trip is too long or too short. We offer 24 hour service, on-time delivery, and specialized services like medical delivery, parts delivery, legal courier delivery, and efficient routed deliveries. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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