5 Ways Our Courier System Will Make Your Life Easier


Small businesses and large corporations have plenty of options for shipping. While your shipments will usually make it to their destination regardless of the shipping option you chose, your results will not always be consistent. Some services may take an extended amount of time while others may have quality issues like damaged packages, inflexible drop off times, or late delivery. If you are looking for an efficient option that bypasses many of these issues, Alpha Delivery Services' courier service in Kalamazoo is your answer. We are here to share five ways our courier system will make your life easier!

1)    We provide Same Day Pick Up and Shipping

Many standard shipping services fail to reliably offer services flexible enough to help your business handle unique circumstances such as delayed processes or emergency shipping needs. Even something as basic as next-day shipping could come at a premium. Couriers get your important documents or package to their destination hours earlier than most standard options, with reliable delivery and expert care given to your documents or package. With our courier service, flexible same day shipping with pick up is an efficient, time-saving option that you do not need to worry about.

2)    Our Business Hours are Your Hours

The world doesn't stop moving at 5pm, Alpha Delivery Service offers 24 hour service with on-time delivery. You do not need to worry about timing your projects to meet your delivery driver's pickup schedule if you require more flexibility. Courier services are available when you need them, and that flexibility means more peace of mind for you.

3)    We Value the Relationship

Large shipping services may have many varied resources, but you can be left feeling like just a number. We strive to build genuine business relationships that are based on respect, a higher level of customer service, flexibility, and dependability. We are here to help you fill the needs of your business, with our Kalamazoo service area of 150-200 miles, no delivery is too long or too short!

4)    We Provide Specialized Services

Sometimes you have unique needs; perhaps you have something specific, sensitive documents, or an item requiring delicate handling that needs to get somewhere but you are not sure of the best way to transport it. We offer an array of specialized services to meet your needs, such as medical delivery, parts delivery, and even legal courier deliveries. Our couriers are trained professionals with experience handling all sorts of packages, you can rest assured that we will provide consistent, timely, and professional delivery.

5)    Our Courier Service Can Save You Money

In most situations, courier services charge based on the distanced travelled as opposed to the weight of the package. This can and often does add up to significant savings compared to more traditional services that use weight to determine cost. If you have large items that you need delivered across town, our service is going to be the ideal choice. Alpha Delivery Services can even pick it up for you, so no need to worry about transportation at all!

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