Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

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About three years ago, online retailer Amazon, said that they would be starting a drone program to deliver goods to their customers. Many people felt that this was more of a marketing gimmick than reality, but Amazon insists that they're working toward implementing this program. In this post we will look at a few potential issues for the drone delivery program.


As it stands, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), would not allow for drones to make deliveries because they require commercial drones to "remain within visual line of sight of the observer and pilot." Amazon and other companies are trying to work with the FAA, but a change in regulation could take years. 


The heavier a package is, the less time it will be able to spend in the air because much of the drone's power is being used to just lift the product. Amazon has said consumers would get their package in thirty minutes of less, which could happen, but only if you live within ten miles of an Amazon warehouse. And if that's the case, you could just drive there to get your package.


 Drones at this point will really only work well to deliver packages in wide open areas. If there are a lot of buildings or trees around, it could make for a crash landing. There has been talk of including a tether that would lower packages down to the ground while the drone continues flying, but nothing has been implemented yet.

Air traffic control

Drones are only legally able to be flown under 400 feet. Currently, there is no agency that regulates air space at that low of an altitude. A new system would need to be developed to ensure that drones are not crashing into each other while occupying the same space. The sensors on drones will help to avoid collisions, but they're largely untested.

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