Get Your Products Delivered Quicker with Alpha Delivery


With Alpha Delivery, you get 40 years of experience and an industry leader in commercial and medical delivery service throughout Michigan. With our radius extending 150-200 miles from Kalamazoo, our service extends from Detroit to Chicago, and includes Lansing, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon to the north, and South Bend and Fort Wayne to the south. We do same-day delivery, medical delivery, parts delivery, legal courier delivery, and routed delivery.

Pickup and Delivery Requests

We do pickup and delivery requests at all hours of the day or night for our clients. Need an important shipment at 3AM? No problem! That is what we are here for. Although, we do not do residential area pickups - we are available for urgent medical deliveries and urgent commercial or industrial deliveries such as an important machine part you need before opening for the next day. To call for delivery, you do not need to order in advance, and we typically can have a driver at your site within the hour. Whether it be a legal document, blood specimens, auto part, or other necessity, we can deliver it in a timely and efficient manner.

We can pick up items weighting up to 11,000 pounds for our customers. We have a fleet of vans and smaller delivery vehicles for most pick-ups and deliveries, and a cargo truck for our large deliveries. Our drivers are all certified through the Transportation Security Administration, so we can do pickups to and from airports as well. Our delivery usually ranging from Chicago O'Hare, Detroit Metro, and other regional airports.

Cancellation Policy

Since our drivers are routed shortly after a request is made and our drive made the commitment to go to a pickup location when receiving a request, Alpha Delivery Services Inc. does charge a cancellation fee to compensate the driver for their time. If your request is cancelled within 5 minutes of the confirmation, you will not be charged. Our flat cancellation fee is $25 unless your driver is normally at your location within the hour and are running excessively late, then depending on the circumstance, the fee will be waived.

If there is an issue outside of our jurisdiction or an unforeseen situation, we will contact you about potential delays. If the supplied couriers failed to collect a package because of customer error, we will rebook the request for the next business day, and you will be subject to a wasted journey charge. If you ever believe there was an error in your cancellation fee, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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