Winter is Coming: Stay Safe with Alpha Delivery Services

Delivery Services in Kalamazoo

With winter just around the corner, Alpha Delivery Services wants to remind everyone to stay safe. Every year, over 115,000 people are injured in vehicle accidents caused by slushy, snowy or icy pavement. Bearing those numbers in mind, it's critical to know when it is and, more importantly, when it isn't safe to travel.

Unfortunately, urgent medical emergencies, pressing legal issues and time-critical parts requirements don't pause for winter break. When the cold weather hits and the snow starts falling, the best solution is to enlist the aid of a professional courier service. Alpha Delivery Service understands that certain requirements have to be met and, as a result, our 24 hour pickup and delivery services are designed to get the items you need to the location where they are needed, regardless of the weather conditions.

Especially when it comes to medical delivery services, our couriers are equipped to get the job done. With every driver trained to meet the requirements of transporting blood specimens, surgical equipment and pharmaceuticals between medical clinics, labs and hospitals, you can be confident in their ability to deliver. Furthermore, our vehicles are outfitted with professional-grade coolers that will protect and preserve your specimens.

At Alpha Delivery Service in Kalamazoo, we encourage everyone to slow down and stay safe during the winter months. When there's an immediate need to have a crucial item delivered from A to B, give us a call and let us handle it. Our drivers are trained to operate safely on icy roads and can be counted on to get your item where it needs to be. So if you've been looking for a top-notch Kalamazoo courier service, look no further than Alpha Delivery! Give us a call today to learn how we can keep you - and your staff - safe this winter.

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