Why Choose Alpha Delivery Services in Kalamazoo as Your Courier

Delivery Services in Kalamazoo

For over thirty years, Alpha Delivery Services in Kalamazoo, has provided expedited delivery services to businesses in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, and throughout West Michigan as well as deliveries and pickups to and from Detroit, Lansing, Chicago, and other major locations. In this post, we will look at some of the reasons you should choose Alpha Delivery Services in Kalamazoo as your courier.

24 Hour Service

In some cases, deliveries need to happen outside of business hours. Whether it's because a hospital needs a specimen taken to a lab at 3 a.m., a business needs a broken part replaced before their workers come in the morning, or for any other reason. Because of this, Alpha Delivery is on call 24 hours. You can call us at any time and actually speak to a member of our team, not an answering service.

Same-Day Delivery

Emergency and same-day delivery services are an important part of what we do. Throughout the last 30 plus years, our personal service has earned us many loyal customers who have critical needs for reliable same-day delivery services.

Satellite GPS

All of our delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking connected to an online tracking system that allows us to see where any of our vehicles and your packages are at any time. The GPS also allows for us to direct the nearest vehicle to your location to ensure the quickest delivery for your package.

Local Company

Because we are a local company and not a national company, we are able to build relationships and cater to the distinct needs of area medical facilities, legal offices, and other businesses. Emergency and same-day deliveries are our specialty and we pride ourselves on the superb service we provide to our customers.

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