Delivery Services

Alpha Delivery Services will pick up and deliver same-day shipments within a service area of approximately 150 to 200 miles from Kalamazoo. We're available to handle urgent and emergency shipments 24 hours a day with a fleet of vans and smaller delivery vehicles for most pick-ups and deliveries, and a cargo truck for large shipments of up to 11,000 pounds, throughout our service area. Our drivers are credentialed from the Transportation Security Administration to make deliveries to airports, and we make regular pickups and deliveries to Chicago O'Hare, Detroit Metro and regional airports.

Contact Alpha Delivery for all of your Delivery Service Needs!Same-Day Delivery

For more than 30 years, Alpha Delivery Services has been making same-day deliveries throughout Michigan. Yet during that time, we have maintained the personal service that makes us the favorite expedited delivery service for so many of our customers, from large corporations and institutions to small businesses and start-ups. Call us anytime, day or night.

Medical Delivery

Alpha Delivery has been servicing the major hospitals and health systems of Southwest Michigan for more than 20 years. Our drivers are trained to handle the special requirements of delivering blood specimens, pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment between hospitals, medical clinics and testing labs. The vehicles we use for medical deliveries are equipped with professional-grade coolers to preserve pharmaceuticals and specimens. Medical personnel have come to know that shipments made by Alpha Delivery Services are safe and secure.

Parts Delivery

Choice Logistics, an internationally known logistics company for stocking and delivering time-critical parts, years ago selected Alpha Delivery Services to warehouse critical parts inventory from a number of high-tech companies. When a commercial or industrial company in the region needs one of the parts for a crucial repair, Alpha delivers it on the same day. Alpha also picks up industrial maintenance and repair parts from local companies and delivers them to other businesses in the region to maintain production. When downtime is unacceptable, Alpha delivers to get production rolling again.

Legal Courier Delivery

While many legal documents are delivered electronically these days, lawyers and courts still depend on Alpha Delivery Services to transport hard copies that must be placed in somebody's hand rather than in a recipient's email inbox. Alpha provides courier service for lawyers, government offices and courts throughout our delivery service area.

Routed Delivery

While we excel at urgent and emergency deliveries, Alpha also maintains regularly routed deliveries in Kalamazoo. Routed deliveries include U.S. mail pickup and drop off from post offices and mail centers, in-house mail deliveries and drop-offs, and pickups from companies that regularly have deliveries to be made such as local printers. If you think you could benefit from routed pickup and delivery service, please contact Alpha Delivery Services to learn more.